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James Cahill

Associate Professor

Primary Office:

Innis College 323
Telephone: 416-978-6883




James Leo Cahill, “Forgetting Lesson: Jean Painlevé’s Gay Science,” Journal of Visual Studies 12.2, special issue on Science and Documentary, eds. Oliver Gaycken and Joshua Matlinski (forthcoming, August 2012): pp tbd; and Ecce 3 (forthcoming in Japanese translation): pp tbd.

James Leo Cahill, “Hors d’œuvre / Science, the short-film, and the Perception of Life,Framework 52.1-2, special issue Things Fall Apart: Peter Whitehead, eds. Paul Cronin and Drake Stutesman (Summer 2011): 66-82.

James Leo Cahill, “How It Feels To Be Run Over: Early Film Accidents,” Discourse, 30.3, special issue on “Cinema and Accident” (Fall 2008): 289-316. (Appeared in 2009)

René Bruckner, James Leo Cahill, and Greg Siegel, “Introduction: Cinema and Accident,” Discourse, 30.3, special issue on “Cinema and Accident” (Fall 2008): 279-88. (Appeared in 2009)

James Leo Cahill, “Anacinema: Peter Tscherkassky’s Cinematic Breakdowns (Towards the Unspeakable Film),” Spectator, 28.2 (Fall 2008): 90-101.

James Leo Cahill, “… and afterwards? Martin Arnold’s Phantom Cinema,” Spectator 27, special issue on “Deaths of Cinema” (Supplement: Summer 2007): 19-25.

Books and/or Chapters

James Leo Cahill, “Substance Abuse, or, on the essence of cinema,” in The Prisoner’s Cinema, ed. Melvin Moti (Rotterdam: Artist’s Book, 2008), 4-35.

James Leo Cahill, “The Cineseizure,” in Martin Arnold: The Cineseizure (Vienna: Index; Paris: Re/Voir, 2006), 2-10. Distributed with the DVD Martin Arnold: The Cineseizure.

James Leo Cahill, “Between the Archive and Image-Repertoire: Amateur Commercial Still Life Photography on eBay” in Reading eBay: Culture, Consumption and Collecting Online, ed. Ken Hillis and Michael Petit with Nathan Epley (New York: Routledge, 2006), 185-200.

Non-refereed publications

James Leo Cahill, “DVD Reviews: Science is Fiction: The Films of Jean Painlevé and Michael Pilz: Facts for Fiction,” Film International, vol. 8, no. 1 (2010): 67-69.

James Leo Cahill, “Shadows, Specters, Shards: Making History in Avant-Garde Film by Jeffrey Skoller,” Octopus, 2 (2006): 71-74.

James Leo Cahill and Rachel Leah Thompson, “The Insurgency of Objects: A Conversation with Fred Moten” Octopus, vol. 1 (2005): 45-66.


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