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FRE 441H1S
Advanced Topics in French Literature: Flaubert and the Spirit of “Modernité”


P. Thériault


This course proposes an exploration of Gustave Flaubert’s seminal work through the analysis of some of his most representative writings (the novel Madame Bovary, the tales Trois contes and the play Le Candidat) and some filmic adaptations. Particular emphasis will be put on close readings, so as to highlight the formal richness of Flaubert’s textual constructions and to make perceptible the various tonalities (lyrical, cynical, farcical…) of his writing. Critical consideration will also be given to the cultural background in which Flaubert’s work inscribes itself and which it determines profoundly–that of the French “Modernité” (1850-1900) with its other prominent artists (Baudelaire, Manet, Goncourt, etc.) and characteristic phenomena.

Required Texts: FLAUBERT, Gustave, Le Candidat, Paris, Le livre de poche, « Classiques », 2017 ; ISBN-10 : 2253183202, ISBN-13 : 978-2253183204 ; FLAUBERT, Gustave, Madame Bovary, Paris, Hachette Éducation, « Bibliolycée », 2014., ISBN-10 : 201394510, ISBN-13 : 978-2013949514 ; FLAUBERT, Gustave, Trois contes, Paris, Hatier, « Classiques et Cie / Lycée », 2012., ISBN-10 : 2218966379, ISBN-13 : 978-2218966378.

Assignments and evaluation: essay (40%); oral presentations (2 x 15%); take-home exam (20%); overall assessment (10%).

The Department takes into account the quality of students' French as one of the criteria in the evaluation of assignments and examinations. A minimum of 20% of the grade will be allocated to this aspect of written assignments.

Prerequisites: FRE 240H1, FRE 241H1, FRE 344H1

Recommended: FRE 324H1

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