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XBC 199Y1Y
Reflections on Women of Colour


G. Paray


The objective of this course is to help students develop their critical thinking and communication skills through thought-provoking discussions that will focus on issues surrounding women of colour from different national, ethnic and religious backgrounds. Our reflections will be centered around the study of novels, short stories and articles written by women of colour as well as movies made by them or inspired by their stories. We will also explore a number of issues among which: the effects of colonialism, slavery and patriarchy on modern women, the conflict between tradition and modernity, male-female relationships, female-female relationships, sexism, and racism.

Required texts: Changes: A Love Story (Aidoo); I, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem (Condé); Interpreter of Maladies (Lahiri); Song of Solomon (Morrison); additional readings available via the Blackboard course website.

Assignments and evaluation: 3 In-class tests: 45%; 6 Online quizzes on movies: 25%; 2 Assignments 20%; overall assessment: 10%.

Prerequisite: None.


This course is found in the following categories:


Revue Arborescences

Considérant que rien de ce qui touche la langue française ne lui est étranger, la revue Arborescences se veut un espace de réflexion sur les enjeux actuels des études françaises aussi bien en littérature, en linguistique qu’en didactique.


Estimant que rien de ce qui touche la langue française ne lui est étranger, la revue électronique Arborescences veut offrir un espace de réflexion sur des questions d’importance en études françaises, relevant aussi bien de la didactique que de la lit

History of the Department

165 years of French Studies at the University of Toronto (1853-2018)