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FRE 491H/492H
Independent Study


Advanced students may under certain circumstances, undertake an independent reading and research project of their own choice.

A research project on a literary, linguistic, or second language learning topic to be proposed by the student and supervised by a Faculty member on a topic of common interest, including readings, discussions, papers. A substantive research component is essential to the course. In rare circumstances students can enroll in a scholarly project with no substantive research component (for instance, a literature review), when they can demonstrate they have exhausted all the 400-level course offerings or that they need the course in order to graduate.

Alternatively, students may use the FRE491H/492H designators to either:

- enroll in a half-course at the graduate level, with the permission of the Graduate Secretary (416-926-2305416-926-2305; or

- participate in the production of a play (usually by Molière), under the supervision of Prof. Paulette Collet. Please contact Professor Collet at (416-926-1300416-926-1300, Extension 3385) before October 15, 2016.

The student must have satisfied the general departmental pre-requisites for admissibility to a 400-series FRE course, preferably with a B average in all FRE courses.

Applicants may consult a registry of faculty members stating their fields of specialization to choose the professor who will supervise their essay or study. A list of faculty research interests can be viewed online at

Applicants must follow the procedures outlined in The Guidelines for Independent Study Topics and submit the application form for Senior Essay and Independent Study Proposal, duly signed by their supervisor, to the Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies. An electronic version of the application must be forwarded to

The deadlines are as follows:

- August 29, 2016 for F, H and Y courses;

- December 2, 2016 for S courses;

- April 3, 2017 for the 2017 summer session.

Applicants who wish to enroll in FRE 491H1S/492H1S “Staging Molière” and obtain a credit for their Major or Specialist Program in French Language and Literature are reminded that this credit will not count towards any of the streams required for their program.


Prerequisite: Any 300+ FRE Linguistics/Literature/Second language course. Permission of Department.

This course is found in the following categories:


Revue Arborescences

Considérant que rien de ce qui touche la langue française ne lui est étranger, la revue Arborescences se veut un espace de réflexion sur les enjeux actuels des études françaises aussi bien en littérature, en linguistique qu’en didactique.

History of the Department

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