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FRE 490Y1Y
Senior Essay


Advanced students may under certain circumstances, undertake an independent reading and research project of their own.

A research project on a literary, linguistic, or second language learning topic to be proposed by the student and supervised by a Faculty member, culminating in a major research paper. A substantive research component is essential to the course. See The Guidelines for Independent Study Topics for further information


Any 300+ FRE Linguistics/Literature/Second language course. Permission of Department.

This course is found in the following categories:


Revue Arborescences

Considérant que rien de ce qui touche la langue française ne lui est étranger, la revue Arborescences se veut un espace de réflexion sur les enjeux actuels des études françaises aussi bien en littérature, en linguistique qu’en didactique.

History of the Department

French Studies at the University of Toronto 1853-1993